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Abnormal uterine bleeding

Abnormal uterine bleeding can present in many different ways such as heavy menstruation with clots, prolonged menstruation lasting greater than 1 week; bleeding in between menses and several months of missed menses. Regardless of the cause and type of menstrual abnormality we offer a complete set of investigations and modern treatment techniques.

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I felt confident in the services I received at Women’s Specialist Medical Centre.  The staff was professional, kind and caring.

I would recommend Dr. Charles for any first time moms.


I would highly recommend Dr. Charles for any issues you may have been avoiding .  I had put off seeing a doctor, but was put at ease as soon as I sat down with Dr. Charles.  He is professional and thorougher.


I have my annual smear with Dr. Charles.  His office runs on time and the service is excellent.


After been seen by numerous doctors, Dr. Charles was able to identify my issue and following surgery greatly improve the quality of my life.


Dr. Charles has delivered my 3 children safely.  I always felt comfortable and confident with Dr. Charles and would highly recommend him.